Spotlights on Accessibility in Sonoma/Napa Wine Country.

I’m Jeanne Allen and I use an electric scooter. I love to travel but, like others with limited mobility, I’m often frustrated by how difficult it is to research and plan a trip. While many destinations boast accessibility, it’s often hard or even impossible to find the specific information I need as a traveler. That’s why I created incredibleACCESSIBLE – an at-a-glance, accessible travel guide to give people with limited mobility, and their travel companions, the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to travel.

My dream is to expand incredibleACCESSIBLE into a global resource. Right now, I’m starting in my backyard of the Sonoma/Napa Wine Country. I’m shining Spotlights on accessible hotels, wineries, restaurants, shops, and points of interest, visiting in person and reporting all the details to the incredibleACCESSIBLE blog – where to find parking, entrances, seating, restrooms, helpful staff, and any other details that ensure an accessible experience.

Come with me on my journey. Be empowered to go places you weren’t sure you could go and to do things you weren’t sure you could do. Together, we can be incredible!



Make planning easy with our database of accessibility information. Find the right hotel rooms, restaurants, and attractions to make your trip a success.


Discover the amazing accessible experiences in the Wine Country, with stunning photos, informative videos, and recommended itineraries.



Be empowered to travel. Go places you weren’t sure you could go and do things you weren’t sure you could do. Be incredible.

Latest Blog Posts

Sullivan Winery Signage
Sullivan- The Rutherford Estate Winery

Visiting the estate at Sullivan is like visiting a very nice family home. In the 1970’s Jim and Johanna Sullivan built their home in the Napa Valley and started growing grapes. They built the winery next door to mirror the house and created a serene environment for their family and winery guests.  Today Sullivan is one of the few family owned wineries in Napa Valley.

Whimsical Bike and Sidewalk Signage
JoLe – Accessible Farm to Table Restaurant in Calistoga, CA

The Tasting Menu at JoLe sealed the deal for me.  There are some incredible restaurants in the Napa Valley, but JoLe manages to set itself apart.  With a sophisticated vibe, yet pleasantly friendly service, it got even better when the menu arrived.  With so many amazing choices the Tasting Menu was a great way for the 2 of us to sample 8 delicious courses and 9 different wines. Heaven!

B Cellars- The Newest Winery on the Oakville Cross Road

Surrounded by vineyards on the floor of the Napa Valley, the wide open views in every direction were the first thing I noticed arriving at B Cellars.  The contemporary architecture of the dramatic winery building was the next.  Open less than a year, this is a property that was designed to make a statement.  I knew I was in for a wine country experience immediately upon arrival.