Spotlights on Accessibility in Sonoma/Napa Wine Country.

I’m Jeanne Allen and I use an electric scooter. I love to travel but, like others with limited mobility, I’m often frustrated by how difficult it is to research and plan a trip. While many destinations boast accessibility, it’s often hard or even impossible to find the specific information I need as a traveler. That’s why I created incredibleACCESSIBLE – an at-a-glance, accessible travel guide to give people with limited mobility, and their travel companions, the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to travel.

My dream is to expand incredibleACCESSIBLE into a global resource. Right now, I’m starting in my backyard of the Sonoma/Napa Wine Country. I’m shining Spotlights on accessible hotels, wineries, restaurants, shops, and points of interest, visiting in person and reporting all the details to the incredibleACCESSIBLE blog – where to find parking, entrances, seating, restrooms, helpful staff, and any other details that ensure an accessible experience.

Come with me on my journey. Be empowered to go places you weren’t sure you could go and to do things you weren’t sure you could do. Together, we can be incredible!



Make planning easy with our database of accessibility information. Find the right hotel rooms, restaurants, and attractions to make your trip a success.


Discover the amazing accessible experiences in the Wine Country, with stunning photos, informative videos, and recommended itineraries.



Be empowered to travel. Go places you weren’t sure you could go and do things you weren’t sure you could do. Be incredible.

Latest Blog Posts

the entrance wall festooned with lavender and the Hamel badger
Hamel Family Wines, Spectacular and Accessible

The newest winery in the Sonoma Valley is also one of the most spectacular, as well as one of the most wheelchair accessible.  Hamel Family Wines opened in June 2014 and raised the bar for the Sonoma Wine Country experience.  Conveniently located in the Valley of the Moon less than 5 miles from the historic Sonoma Plaza, it’s hidden from the highway, tucked behind rolling hills and vineyards.

Black Bear Diner Just Off the Sonoma Plaza

Black Bear Diners and small towns of the Western United States seem almost synonymous.  With 42 properties in California, and another 26 scattered in another 7 states these guys have been serving up home-cooked meals for nearly 20 years.  The service is friendly, the food hearty and delicious, and the signature chain-saw bear sculptures adorable.  And it’s wheelchair accessible.

IMG_5740 - Copy
Sonoma Arts Live is an Accessible Night at the Theater

The stately Greek Revival building that houses Sonoma Arts Live is a National Historic Landmark built in 1915 yet is wheelchair accessible after a recent renovation.  What is Sonoma Arts Live?  It’s a new consortium of local theater companies and it’s taking Sonoma’s arts and culture scene to a new level. We saw “Noises Off”, the second production of the 2015 season, with 4 more productions coming through October.