Spotlights on Accessibility in Sonoma/Napa Wine Country.

I’m Jeanne Allen and I use an electric scooter. I love to travel but, like others with limited mobility, I’m often frustrated by how difficult it is to research and plan a trip. While many destinations boast accessibility, it’s often hard or even impossible to find the specific information I need as a traveler. That’s why I created incredibleACCESSIBLE – an at-a-glance, accessible travel guide to give people with limited mobility, and their travel companions, the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to travel.

My dream is to expand incredibleACCESSIBLE into a global resource. Right now, I’m starting in my backyard of the Sonoma/Napa Wine Country. I’m shining Spotlights on accessible hotels, wineries, restaurants, shops, and points of interest, visiting in person and reporting all the details to the incredibleACCESSIBLE blog – where to find parking, entrances, seating, restrooms, helpful staff, and any other details that ensure an accessible experience.

Come with me on my journey. Be empowered to go places you weren’t sure you could go and to do things you weren’t sure you could do. Together, we can be incredible!



Make planning easy with our database of accessibility information. Find the right hotel rooms, restaurants, and attractions to make your trip a success.


Discover the amazing accessible experiences in the Wine Country, with stunning photos, informative videos, and recommended itineraries.



Be empowered to travel. Go places you weren’t sure you could go and do things you weren’t sure you could do. Be incredible.

Latest Blog Posts

Ramekins Inn

Ramekins Culinary School, Special Events, and Inn is a delightful mixture of all three. The culinary school is nationally acclaimed but the European six room inn perched atop the cooking school is somewhat of a best kept secret. Even less well known is that one of those 6 rooms is an accessible room with a roll-in shower. Cooking classes not required!

SIFF ’15 is HERE!

Sonoma International Film Festival is officially underway! I’ll have a big recap post at the end of the event, but if you want live updates, you can go to the iA Facebook page, The Official incredibleACCESSIBLE SIFF Accessibility Guide will remain “stickied” at the top of the blog, as a convenient reference for attendees with limited mobility. Hope to see you there!

Cinnamon Bear Creekside Inn

What a wonderful surprise to find a bed and breakfast that is accessible! Cinnamon Bear Creekside Inn is a hundred-year-old home transformed into a charming seven-room bed and breakfast just a mile from Sonoma’s historic plaza, and on the main route to Sonoma Valley’s acclaimed wineries.