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Jessup Cellars – art and wine in Yountville

Jessup Cellars has a reputation for hosting one of the friendliest tasting rooms in all of wine country, according to their website.  Joel Quigley, Vice President Marketing Communications, put that claim in action, as he greeted Vickie Haraszthy and me in the parking lot and invited us inside.


Yes, a parking lot!  That means there is just a short distance from parking to the entrance.





parking lotAnd here is that parking, a short roll to the back entrance.  Street parking is also available but certainly check in back first!  I’ve parked in the stripes so that Vickie has room to get my scooter to and from the drivers side, since I am the driver, due to my fabulous hand controls.





Within moments Judd Wallenbrock, General Manager, has joined us.  Yes, we had an appointment, but I didn’t expect this kind of attention.  Perhaps the reputation is well-earned.  In fact it is.  These two guys are the nicest.



IMG_9243Besides the friendliness, I am also struck by the lightness and brightness of the tasting room, as the sun streams through the French doors.  Jessup Cellars is a tasting room, yes, but it’s also an art gallery with curated art by regional and national artists.  And that table?  That’s where the wine tasting is.  Actually there are several tables throughout the gallery all set and ready for wine tasting.  No need to belly up to the bar in this elegant setting!



Joel and JuddWe move to another private gallery with more beautiful artwork, and the tasting begins.  The accessibility is ideal with plenty of space to move through the galleries.  As great as lowered tasting bars are in other tasting rooms, this is even better.  Vickie and Joel are seated with me while Judd hangs out for awhile.  I don’t feel “handicapped”, but entirely part of the experience.  This is inclusive.




IMG_9263There is plenty of room to stay in my scooter as we settle in.  The table has legs that are not barriers, and every side of the table is accessible to me.  Joel leads us through several tastings and charms us with lively conversation.  It is the kind of afternoon that I just don’t want to end.  Allow ample time!  You don’t want to be rushed.




Wine, cheese and crackers, cashews, and chocolate.  What’s not to love?




I couldn’t stop staring at this piece of art, something I wouldn’t have thought I would like, but did.  The artwork is beautiful, the wine is great, the nibbles tasty, and the staff friendly.  This is a pretty terrific way to spend time in the Wine Country.


Jessup Cellars

6740 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599

707.944.8523 or 888.537.7879

open 10:00 – 6:00 daily

call for private tasting or stop in

$10 for light flight of 3.  $20 for classic tasting of 5-6; 1 tasting waived for each 2 bottles purchased.

For more invitation visit their website





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