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ZD Wines – family owned for three generations

ZD Wines is midpoint on the Silverado Trail, the road less traveled in the Napa Valley.  I visited ZD at the height of crush season, and got to watch them harvest the grapes and prepare them for winemaking.

entry rampI’ve picked a perfect day for a drive in the country, and the morning sunshine greets me as I head down the ramp from the accessible parking.  The nearest town is Rutherford, four miles away.  We’re in the country now.



entryThe entrance beckons with wide open doors and a flat, accessible threshold as Vickie Haraszthy and I start our day of wine tasting.



tasting roomWow, now this is accessible, with not a barrier anywhere to be seen.  It’s a magnificent tasting room with a soaring ceiling, huge windows, and tons of light.



Jaime Porras

Jaime Porras greets us and gives us the family lore of the deLeuze Family who still own and operate this storied winery after three generations.




IMG_8898On such a beautiful morning we opt to do our tasting on the patio with Jaime as our gracious host.  The table is accessible and I comfortably tuck my knees under the end.





the crush

We’re here for crush!  Only 1 season a year will you see tubs of freshly picked grapes ready for the crusher.  This was September 23 and it was just about the most perfect day to be in Wine Country.




And I do mean tubs!  Note the sweater has come off.  If you’re temperature sensitive, be sure to dress in layers.  Mornings and evenings can be cool, and the middle of the day warm to hot.




IMG_8914Oh, yes, this is Wine Country.  Expansive views of mountains and vineyards are everywhere you look.   Take your time.  Breathe the air.  Forget your worries.





But just for a moment of reality, I continue to build on my record of being the most photographed person in public restrooms.  I hope this is a Guinness World Record category!  Yes, this restroom is beautifully accessible. Note that there is no cute little piece of furniture between the toilet and sink, so I have a place to park the scooter and transfer.  Businesses take note!  Do not put furniture in that little open space!



IMG_8945Our visit to ZD Wines is complete.  One last glance at the entry fountain and we’re on our way.  Oh, a last piece of information on the wall, that the Rutherford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard in front of us is Certified Organic, since 1999.

ZD Wines

8383 Silverado Trail, Napa, CA 94558


Open daily 10:00-4:30 (except major holidays)

Traditional Tasting $15 per person

Premier Reserve Tasting $30 per person

 for more information and Appointment Only Tours and Tastings



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