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Rent a travel scooter from Piner’s for the Napa Valley Film Festival- they deliver!

If standing in movie lines and walking between venues is going to wear you out at the Festival, a great solution is a travel scooter, like I use.  Watch as Jeff disassembles the Pride Go-Go in exactly 1 minute and easily loads it into his car.

I went to Piner’s in Napa yesterday to buy a safety flag for my Go-Go, and asked Jeff, the manager, if I could shoot a video of him disassembling and assembling the rental travel scooter. He obliged.  If you or someone you know has trouble walking distances, this scooter might be the answer. It sure is for me.  I rented one from Jeff many years ago when Chip and I were going to a wedding in San Diego and I wasn’t walking very well anymore. Piner’s has been my go-to mobility store ever since. I love these guys!


They also have plenty in stock for purchase.  This might be your best souvenir ever.


Piner’s Medical Supply

Go-Go scooters for $25 a day (3 day min). Quantities limited. Delivery and pickup in the Napa Valley is $35
4 wheeled walkers with a seat, manual wheelchairs, and transport chairs for $10 a day (3 day min)


Look for me at the Festival on my Go-Go with that new safety flag!

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