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Napa Valley Film Festival Accessibility Review, November 12-16, 2014 – Yountville

The autumn colors were raging in Yountville during the NVFF and set the tone for a beautiful sunny day to meander through the village, watch films, and sip wine.  Yountville is a 15-minute drive out of Napa, filled with world-class restaurants and renowned wineries.

Yountville had 3 film venues at the Napa Valley Film Festival:

  • Barrel Room 1870 in V Marketplace
  • Yountville Community Center
  • Lincoln Theater

Village Center:  also at Yountville Community Center

Wine Pavilion:  also at V Marketplace

NVFF Culinary Demos:  also at V Marketplace

We attended 1 special event:

  • Celebrity Tribute also at Lincoln Theater


V Marketplace

6525 Washington Street, Yountville


V Marketplace is a festival-style center with shops, galleries, restaurants, walkways and gardens, and was the location for NVFF Culinary Demos, Yountville’s Wine Pavilion, and films at the Barrel Room 1870.  Park once and do a lot!  It’s also right across the street from the Yountville Community Center.

Barrel Room 1870

6525 Washington Street, Yountville

film venue- 160 seats


The Barrel Room is in a beautiful historic brick building surrounded by luscious grounds and accessible paved walkways.  Such a beautiful November day in the Napa Valley!




In the 1870’s this was the wine cellar for the Groezinger Winery.  It has retained its historic charm while also being modernized to bring it into the 21st century including great accessibility.  The seating was movable chairs so we were easily able to choose where we wanted to watch the film.


The Barrel Room is down a few stairs, but a lift has been installed for accessibility.  This was our first venue of the day, and the volunteers had forgotten to get the key to operate the lift.  Upon arrival, and running late for the film, Chip actually carried me down the stairs.  When the movie was done the key had been located, and it was a smooth ride back to ground level.  My advice to those needing to use the lift, arrive early.


The restrooms are immediately adjacent to the Barrel Room, and are clean, attractive, and spacious, very modern facilities in this historic building.  They are also convenient to the Culinary Demos and the Wine Pavilion.



V Marketplace has considerable parking, with 6 accessible parking spaces in the 2 adjacent lots.  By parking here you are “walking distance” to the Barrel Room, the Wine Pavilion, and the Culinary Demos all located in V Marketplace.  Across the street is the Yountville Community Center, which is a film venue and the location for the Village Center.  Park once, but be sure to bring the proper mobility equipment to cover a bit of distance as you go back and forth among the different venues.


Wine Pavilion at V Marketplace

6525 Washington Street, Yountville

YountvilleYountville’s Wine Pavilion is also in V Marketplace, a short stroll from the Barrel Room 1870.  Paved walkways lead to the flat grassy area.  It was a great place to mingle with friends old and new.

2 sommelier friends Chris Sawyer and Sandrew Montgomery
2 sommelier friends
Chris Sawyer and Sandrew Montgomery

Barry Dodds, Tasting Room Manager at  Freemark Abbey
Barry Dodds, Tasting Room Manager at Freemark Abbey

another happy attendee with reduced mobility
another happy attendee with reduced mobility

Sandrew Montgomery and        Brenda Lhormer, NVFF Founder
Sandrew Montgomery, sommelier and
Brenda Lhormer, NVFF Founder


Culinary Demos at V Marketplace

6525 Washington Street, Yountville

the cooking demonstration
the cooking demonstration

In the same grassy area, chefs held court each day demonstrating their culinary skills.  The movable folding chairs made seating easy.  Our chefs were Sean O’Toole and Ryder Zetts, making a Mushroom Crostini with Burrata Cheese and an Apple Tart Tatin.  Yes, samples were served and they were as good as they sound.


Yountville Community Center

6516 Washington Street, Yountville

film venue- 300 seats

Yountville Community Center


Across the street from V Marketplace is the Yountville Community Center.  The entrance is through oversized barn doors and totally flat and accessible.



With movable chairs we were able to choose where we wanted to sit and I chose to stay in the scooter.


There were accessible restrooms at the back of the theater.

And there were accessible restrooms just outside the theater in the public area.

Going back towards the street and traversing the paved walkways brought us to the Village Center inside the Yountville Community Center Art Gallery.  Another chance to buy t-shirts and baseball caps!  All of it was accessible.

Yountville Art Walk

Redhead by Gordon Huether


Before crossing the street back to the car we stopped to admire a couple of outdoor sculptures that are part of Yountville’s Art Walk.  29 sculptures are installed from one end of Washington Street to the other, about a 15 minute stroll.  We only had time to admire 2 of these masterpieces, “Redhead” by Gordon Heuter and “Abundance” by Peter Hazel.

Abundance by Peter Hazel



Lincoln Theater

100 California Drive, Yountville

Film Venue and Celebrity Tribute – 1200 seats

Lincoln Theater
Kevin Costner interview at the NVFF Celebrity Tributes


The Lincoln Theater is the largest performing arts venue in the Napa Valley, about a 2 minute drive from V Marketplace and the Yountville Community Center.  It’s on the other side of the highway and up a hill, so don’t attempt to walk this one.  We came for the Celebrity Tributes, honoring Kevin Costner, Jeremy Jordan, and Michelle Monaghan, hosted by Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush.


Lincoln Theater Lincoln Theater

The lobby is also large fortunately, as many of those 1200 people were milling about and sipping sparkling wine prior to the event




It never actually felt crowded, but again I would recommend arriving early.  It just makes it easier when accessibility is an issue.



Jeremy Jordan, Rising Star
Jeremy Jordan, Rising Star


Even Jeremy Jordan was milling about.





Lincoln Theater

The Lincoln Theater is a first-class performing arts theater.  With it being so large, I wanted to be close to the stage to see the Celebrities, so I transferred to an aisle seat.  My repeating theme is arrive early!  This was general admission seating, so allow time to have a good choice of seats.


The restrooms were first-class as well.  There were 2 accessible stalls, 1 large enough for a wheelchair or scooter, and the other narrow but equipped with grab bars for those just needing some leverage.  There was also a bank of sinks so plenty of space to wash hands.


an elegant evening
an elegant evening



Yountville Accessibility:

Barrel Room 1870 at V Marketplace:  Accessible

Wine Pavilion at V Marketplace:  Accessible

Culinary Demos at V Marketplace:  Accessible

Yountville Community Center:  Accessible

Village Center at Yountville Community Center:  Accessible

Lincoln Theater:  Accessible


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