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Napa Valley Film Festival Accessibility Review, November 12-16, 2014 – St. Helena

St. Helena is quintessential Napa Valley. Its historic Main Street is filled with galleries, restaurants, shops, and wineries.  At the gateway to St. Helena is Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch, a three-acre food and wine destination, and this weekend a film venue, village center, and wine tasting pavilion.

St. Helena had 3 film venues:

  • Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch
  • Cameo Cinema
  • Odd Fellows Hall

Village Center:  at Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch

Wine Pavilion:  at Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch

We attended 1 special event venue:

  • Raymond Vineyards


Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch

738 Main Street, St. Helena

film venue- 80 seats

After a 15 minute drive from either Yountville or Calistoga, the complimentary valet meant there was not a search for accessible parking.



The theater had a flat threshold.

the theater
the theater

I decided to transfer, and there was a place to park my scooter out of the way.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Village Center was also located on the grounds of Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch and it was fully accessible.


Wine Pavilion
Wine Pavilion

The Wine Pavilion was just outside the Farmstead Theater.  The well-groomed grassy area was flat and accessible.




Yes, you’ll watch a film, buy a t-shirt, and sip wine at the Wine Pavilion, but try to allow enough time to experience this beautiful property, every part of it being accessible.  The restaurant has a farm-to-table menu with produce from the gardens, and is open for lunch and dinner.  The Logan-Ives House is the place for tasting Long Meadow Ranch wines.



The restrooms are in the historic Logan-Ives House and is a fabulous example of making a historic building accessible.  The ramp is tastefully incorporated and the sink and toilet are up to code.  A favorite of mine is the grab bar by the toilet that is at the correct height with a slight modification, and preserves the integrity of the windows in this historic building.


website:  Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch


Cameo Cinema

1340 Main Street, St. Helena

film venue-140 seats

Cameo CinemaThen it’s on to downtown St. Helena and the Cameo Cinema, one of the oldest single screen theaters in America, continuously open since 1913.  It’s over 100 years old and totally accessible!


The entrance was easy to navigate.


Cameo Cinema

It’s a small, intimate 140 seat theater, so the accessible seating in the rear was great.  Note the loveseat seating in the 2 rows in front of me, a very classic touch.




Additionally, several aisle seats were modified to make transfers easy.  Brilliant!



In this classic, historic theater every seat in the house is the best seat in the house.



Though historic it has beautiful accessible restrooms.


Cameo Cinema

The Cameo Cinema is very special and St. Helena is very fortunate that the current proprietor, Cathy Buck, came to town 7 years ago, and lovingly purchased and modernized it while keeping the integrity of it’s history.

website:  Cameo Cinema




Odd Fellows Hall

1352 Main Street, St. Helena

fim venue- 120 seats

Odd Fellows Hall

Right next to the Cameo Cinema is the Odd Fellows Hall.  Oh, yes that’s a lot of stairs!  I had been told that there was a chair lift, and there was, but the Odd Fellows Hall still presented 2 other accessibility issues.  Though I might be able to ride the chair to the top, my scooter would still be at the bottom.




The second obstacle was the 3 stairs leading to the chair lift!  For someone with a cane, or perhaps even a walker and a friend to haul it up the stairs, this venue would be feasible. But for someone needing a wheelchair or scooter for mobility this venue is not accessible.  It wasn’t accessible for me and I didn’t attempt to get up all those stairs.  A solution is needed before 2015 NVFF!

website:  Odd Fellows Hall



Both the Cameo Cinema and the Odd Fellows Hall are in downtown St. Helena, which has few public parking lots, so you will probably need to look for street parking.  There are several dedicated blue curb spaces if you can spot them, but you may need to park in a regular space.  We found one at the corner where no one could block the back and prevent us from accessing the scooter from the rear.  It didn’t take too long for us to find a parking space, but allow enough time to drive around the block a couple of times.



Raymond Vineyards

849 Zinfandel Lane, St. Helena

Special Event Venue:  Celebrity Tribute VIP Party


The Celebrity Tribute VIP Party was held at Raymond Vineyards, and I knew we were in for something special upon seeing the red carpet leading through the trees loaded with twinkle lights.



Raymond Vineyards

Raymond Vineyards is a dramatic property, from the moment you enter the foyer, and all of it accessible.  Though there were lots of guests, the place is huge so it was never difficult to work through the crowds.  But be prepared for distance and come with the right mobility equipment!



Every room had some drama, much of it focused on the color red.


We intended to go to one of the other parties happening that night, but the party at Raymond Vineyards was just too much fun to leave.  With seemingly unlimited wine and food, it was indeed a special VIP Party.


Not forgetting the practical, the parking and the restrooms were accessible.  I’m anxious to go back to Raymond Vineyards and see what a wine tasting experience in daylight hours has to offer.

website:  Raymond Vineyards



St. Helena Accessibility:

Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch:  Accessible

Cameo Cinema:  Accessible

Odd Fellows Hall:  Marginally Accessible

Raymond Vineyards:  Accessible




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