I’m Jeanne Allen and I’ve had multiple sclerosis for over 30 years.  It’s a progressive disease and I’ve progressed from using a cane, to a 4 wheeled walker, to a mobility scooter, to a motorized wheelchair.  As my ability to walk lessened it never occurred to me to quit traveling.  Instead I obtained the mobility equipment I needed to keep up with my travel companions and not exhaust myself.
In planning a trip to Chicago where I would be using my travel scooter for the first time, I did extensive research to find places that would be scooter-accessible, and found that accessibility information was limited.  After spending hours researching my trip, I wanted to share my newfound knowledge.

In 2014, Incredible Accessible was born as a travel blog to share my accessible travel discoveries with other people who have limited mobility.

fullsizerender-3Initially I focused on my own backyard of Sonoma and Napa Wine Country in California.  In the summer of 2016 my husband Chip and I spent 6 weeks doing driving tours of California and the Pacific Northwest.  From that point on, Incredible Accessible became a travel blog for me to share my accessible travel experiences, wherever they may be.

By sharing my adventures I hope to inspire others with limited mobility to go places they weren’t sure they could go, and do things they weren’t sure they could do.