My personal recommendations

When I first started traveling with my mobility scooter there was very limited information about places to go and things to see and do that were wheelchair friendly. Fortunately that is rapidly changing! These are accessible travel blogs and websites from people that I have met in person, emailed, Skyped, Facebooked, or talked to on the phone. Whether you are wanting to travel in the United States or travel around the world there are finally lots of resources to help you plan your trip!


Cory offers entertaining blog posts about his international travels, travel tips, and disabled traveler interviews.
Cory Lee has spinal muscular atrophy and uses a motorized wheelchair.

International city travel guides and travel tips developed from his extensive international travel.
John Morris is a triple amputee and uses a motorized wheelchair.

Ashley writes about her international travels and has numerous guest blog posts from others who have traveled all over the world.
Ashley Lynn Olson has spinal cord injury and uses a manual wheelchair.

Focuses on Northern California accessible tourism, especially the California coast.
Bonnie Lewkowicz has spinal cord injury and uses a motorized wheelchair.

Rates the accessibility of tourism places mostly in the US and is user generated- so all of you could be contributors.
Brett Heising has cerebral palsy and uses both a manual wheelchair and a motorized wheelchair.

Candy has written several books on accessible travel and publishes an accessible travel magazine.
Candy Harrington is not disabled but has researched and promoted accessible travel for many years.

The “AirBnB of accessible travel” –  lists over 1000 accessible properties in 60 countries with detailed access information; based in the UK they are mostly in Europe.
Srin Madipalli has spinal muscular atrophy and uses a motorized wheelchair.

Runs tours for people with limited mobility all over the world.
Laurent Roffe is not disabled but does volunteer work with the disabled.

Travel agency specializing in booking accessible tours and cruises in addition to booking accessible lodging and things to see and do.
Tarita Davencock has MS and lives in Canada, but with the Internet using her for a travel agent is not a problem.

Travel agent specializing in cruise vacations and packaged land tours to accessible destinations.
Debra Kerper is an amputee with lupus.

The accessibility division of Lonely Planet; Martin compiled an extremely comprehensive list of accessible travel websites- I even made the list on page 54!
Martin Heng has spinal cord injury and is a major voice worldwide in accessible travel.